Duck Dynasty Cast Net Worth

Duck Dynasty Cast Net Worth: Exploring the Success and Wealth of the Robertson Family


Duck Dynasty, the hit reality TV show that aired from 2012 to 2017, captivated audiences worldwide with its hilarious antics, family dynamics, and successful business ventures. The Robertson family, known for their love of duck hunting and entrepreneurship, quickly became household names. In this article, we delve into the net worth of the Duck Dynasty cast members, uncovering interesting facts about their wealth, and provide answers to common questions about their personal lives.

1. Phil Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $25 million

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, is an avid outdoorsman and founder of Duck Commander, a multi-million dollar duck call business. Despite a bumpy road before Duck Dynasty, Phil’s hard work and business acumen have contributed significantly to his wealth.

2. Kay Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $15 million

Kay Robertson, Phil’s wife, played a crucial role in building the family’s empire. Known for her unwavering support and unwavering faith, Kay has also authored several books that have contributed to her net worth.

3. Willie Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $35 million

Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander and the eldest son of Phil and Kay, expanded the family business during the show’s run. His charismatic personality and business prowess have propelled him to great financial success.

4. Korie Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $20 million

Korie Robertson, Willie’s wife, has been an integral part of the family business. She has worked alongside Willie to manage the company’s affairs and has also ventured into writing and public speaking, adding to her net worth.

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5. Jase Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $12 million

Jase Robertson, known for his laid-back nature and iconic beard, is a core member of Duck Commander. His business acumen and on-screen presence have significantly contributed to his wealth.

6. Missy Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $10 million

Missy Robertson is Jase’s wife and a vital member of the Duck Dynasty family. With her background in fashion and interior design, she launched her own clothing line, adding to her net worth.

7. Sadie Robertson Huff:

Net Worth (2024): $10 million

Sadie Robertson Huff, Willie and Korie’s daughter, gained fame as a teenager during the show’s run. She has since branched out into modeling, acting, and public speaking, significantly increasing her net worth.

8. John Luke Robertson:

Net Worth (2024): $8 million

John Luke Robertson, the eldest son of Willie and Korie, has also ventured into business and public speaking. His entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed to his growing net worth.

Common Questions about the Duck Dynasty Cast:

Q1: How old is Phil Robertson in 2024?

A1: Phil Robertson will be 78 years old in 2024.

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