How Much Did Dylan Oʼbrien Make For Maze Runner

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner Earnings Revealed: How Much Did He Make in 2024?


Dylan O’Brien’s portrayal of Thomas in the Maze Runner film series catapulted him to stardom, winning the hearts of fans worldwide. As one of Hollywood’s rising talents, it’s natural to wonder about his earnings from this highly successful franchise. In this article, we delve into Dylan O’Brien’s earnings from the Maze Runner series in the year 2024 and reveal some interesting facts about his involvement.

1. Dylan O’Brien’s Salary for the Maze Runner Series:

Dylan O’Brien’s earnings for the Maze Runner series were quite substantial. In 2024, he received a base salary of $4 million for his role as Thomas, the lead character in all three movies. However, this figure does not include additional bonuses, backend deals, or merchandise revenue, which could significantly inflate his overall earnings.

2. The Maze Runner: A Box Office Success:

The Maze Runner series proved to be a massive hit at the box office, further contributing to Dylan O’Brien’s earnings. The first installment, released in 2014, grossed over $340 million worldwide. Its sequel, The Scorch Trials (2015), exceeded expectations, bringing in approximately $312 million globally. The final film, The Death Cure (2018), raked in $288 million, solidifying the franchise’s commercial success and boosting O’Brien’s earnings.

3. Dylan O’Brien’s Rising Popularity:

Dylan O’Brien’s portrayal of Thomas in the Maze Runner series significantly elevated his popularity within the film industry. The immense success of the franchise led to increased demand for his talent, resulting in several high-profile projects and subsequent salary raises. This catapulted O’Brien into a new league of actors, allowing him to negotiate more substantial contracts in future endeavors.

4. Potential Backend Deals and Merchandise Revenue:

Apart from his base salary, Dylan O’Brien likely secured backend deals that granted him a share of the film’s profits. These deals are common for actors attached to successful franchises. Additionally, O’Brien’s involvement in merchandising agreements, where he would receive a percentage of sales from Maze Runner-related merchandise, further contributed to his overall earnings.

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5. Dylan O’Brien’s Net Worth:

While the exact figures for Dylan O’Brien’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, his earnings from the Maze Runner series and subsequent projects have undoubtedly contributed significantly. As of 2024, his estimated net worth stands at around $10 million. This substantial wealth reflects his talent, hard work, and success in the industry.

Common Questions about Dylan O’Brien’s Earnings from the Maze Runner Series:

1. Did Dylan O’Brien receive a higher salary for the final Maze Runner film?
– Yes, as the franchise’s popularity grew, O’Brien negotiated a higher salary for The Death Cure.

2. Did Dylan O’Brien receive any bonuses for his role in the Maze Runner series?
– While exact bonus figures are undisclosed, it’s highly likely that O’Brien received bonuses based on the films’ success.

3. Are there any plans for more Maze Runner movies in the future?
– As of 2024, there are no confirmed plans for additional Maze Runner films.

4. Did Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner earnings affect his subsequent projects?
– Yes, the success of the Maze Runner series enabled O’Brien to negotiate higher salaries for his future film projects.

5. Did Dylan O’Brien own any rights to the Maze Runner franchise?
– No, as an actor, O’Brien did not have any ownership rights to the franchise.

6. How did the Maze Runner series impact Dylan O’Brien’s career?
– The Maze Runner series helped establish O’Brien as a leading actor, opening doors to more significant opportunities in the industry.

7. Did Dylan O’Brien receive any awards or nominations for his role in the Maze Runner series?
– While he did not receive major awards or nominations for the Maze Runner films, his performance was widely praised by fans and critics alike.

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8. Did Dylan O’Brien’s earnings from Maze Runner make him one of the highest-paid actors?
– While his earnings were substantial, Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner earnings alone did not place him among the highest-paid actors globally.

9. Were there any controversies surrounding Dylan O’Brien’s earnings for the Maze Runner films?
– No major controversies surround O’Brien’s earnings from the Maze Runner series.

10. Did the Maze Runner series launch O’Brien’s career?
– Although Dylan O’Brien had a growing fan base before the Maze Runner series, his role as Thomas significantly boosted his career trajectory.

11. Were there any contract negotiations or delays that affected Dylan O’Brien’s earnings?
– While there were some delays due to Dylan O’Brien’s on-set accident during the filming of The Death Cure, it did not affect his overall earnings from the series.

12. Did Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner earnings surpass those of other cast members?
– As the lead character, it is likely that O’Brien’s earnings were higher than those of his co-stars, although specific figures are undisclosed.

13. Did Dylan O’Brien participate in any Maze Runner-related merchandise deals?
– As a lead actor, O’Brien likely secured merchandise deals that contributed to his overall earnings.

14. Will Dylan O’Brien’s earnings continue to grow post-Maze Runner?
– While the Maze Runner series significantly boosted his earnings, O’Brien’s career trajectory suggests that his earnings will continue to rise as he takes on new projects.


Dylan O’Brien’s earnings from the Maze Runner series in 2024 were substantial, with a base salary of $4 million for his role as Thomas. The franchise’s success at the box office, coupled with potential backend deals and merchandise revenue, further contributed to his wealth. As a rising star, O’Brien’s earnings from the Maze Runner series played a crucial role in establishing his career and opening doors for future endeavors in the film industry.

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