John Tesh And Connie Sellecca Net Worth

John Tesh and Connie Sellecca are both well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. With successful careers spanning several decades, they have amassed considerable wealth. In this article, we will delve into John Tesh and Connie Sellecca’s net worth, as well as share some interesting facts about their lives.

John Tesh is an American pianist, composer, and radio host, while Connie Sellecca is an actress and former model. Let’s explore their net worth and shed light on some intriguing details about their lives.

John Tesh’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. He has earned this substantial fortune through his various ventures, including his music career, hosting gigs, and book sales. Tesh gained recognition as the co-host of the television show “Entertainment Tonight” from 1986 to 1996. Additionally, he has released numerous albums, composed music for various television programs, and authored several books.

Connie Sellecca, on the other hand, has a net worth of approximately $5 million. She has earned her wealth primarily through her successful acting career, which includes notable roles in television shows like “Hotel” and “The Greatest American Hero.” Sellecca has also appeared in several films and has worked as a producer on various projects.

Now, let’s dive into some interesting facts about John Tesh and Connie Sellecca:

1. A Love Story: John Tesh and Connie Sellecca met on the set of the television movie “A Chance of Snow” in 1998. They fell in love and eventually got married in 1992. Their marriage has stood the test of time, and they continue to support each other’s careers.

2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: In addition to his music and television career, John Tesh co-founded “Intelligence for Your Life,” a media company that produces radio shows, podcasts, and television programs centered around personal development and lifestyle topics.

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3. Passion for Philanthropy: Both John Tesh and Connie Sellecca are actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. They support various charitable organizations, including the Children’s Miracle Network and the USO.

4. Health Struggles: Connie Sellecca has been open about her health struggles, particularly her battle with a rare autoimmune disease called Morphea. Despite the challenges, she has maintained a positive outlook and continues to inspire others.

5. Family Life: John Tesh and Connie Sellecca have a blended family, with John having a daughter from a previous marriage and Connie having a son from her previous marriage. They also have a daughter together, named Prima.

Now, let’s address some common questions about John Tesh and Connie Sellecca:

1. Are John Tesh and Connie Sellecca still married?
Yes, John Tesh and Connie Sellecca are still married. They have been together for almost three decades.

2. What are John Tesh’s most popular songs?
Some of John Tesh’s popular songs include “Roundball Rock,” the theme song for NBC’s NBA coverage, and “Give Me Forever (I Do),” a duet with James Ingram.

3. Has Connie Sellecca won any awards for her acting?
Connie Sellecca has been nominated for several awards throughout her career, including a Golden Globe for her role in the television series “Hotel.”

4. Does John Tesh still host a radio show?
Yes, John Tesh continues to host “Intelligence for Your Life,” a syndicated radio show that provides advice and insights on various topics.

5. How did John Tesh and Connie Sellecca meet?
They met on the set of the television movie “A Chance of Snow” in 1998.

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6. What instruments does John Tesh play?
John Tesh is proficient in playing the piano and the keyboard.

7. What other television shows has Connie Sellecca appeared in?
Apart from “Hotel” and “The Greatest American Hero,” Connie Sellecca has appeared in shows like “P.S. I Luv U” and “Second Chances.”

8. Are John Tesh and Connie Sellecca involved in any charities?
Yes, both John Tesh and Connie Sellecca actively support various charitable organizations.

9. Has John Tesh written any books?
Yes, John Tesh has authored several books, including “Intelligence for Your Life: Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth” and “Red Letters: Living a Faith That Bleeds.”

10. What other roles has Connie Sellecca played in films?
Connie Sellecca has appeared in films like “The Bermuda Depths” and “Beyond Westworld.”

11. Does Connie Sellecca have any other business ventures?
Apart from her acting career, Connie Sellecca has launched her own skincare line called “Sellecca Solution.”

12. How long did John Tesh co-host “Entertainment Tonight”?
John Tesh co-hosted “Entertainment Tonight” for ten years, from 1986 to 1996.

13. Does John Tesh still tour for his music?
Yes, John Tesh continues to perform live concerts and tours for his music.

14. What is the title of Connie Sellecca’s autobiography?
Connie Sellecca released her autobiography titled “The Beauty of Living Twice” in 2021.

In conclusion, John Tesh and Connie Sellecca have achieved substantial net worth through their successful careers in the entertainment industry. Alongside their professional accomplishments, they have interesting personal lives and actively engage in philanthropy. These facts shed light on the lives and achievements of these talented individuals.

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