Most Expensive Starting Lineup Figures

Most Expensive Starting Lineup Figures: A Glimpse into the World of Collectibles

In the world of sports memorabilia, collectors are always on the lookout for rare and valuable items. One particularly sought-after category is the starting lineup figures, miniature replicas of famous athletes that gained popularity in the 1990s. These figures have become highly collectible, with some commanding eye-watering prices. In this article, we will delve into the most expensive starting lineup figures as of 2024, exploring their value and sharing fascinating facts about these iconic collectibles.

1. Michael Jordan (1992 Dream Team Edition) – $7,500

Considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan’s starting lineup figure from the 1992 Dream Team Edition holds the top spot on our list. This figure captures Jordan in his iconic Team USA uniform, making it a must-have for basketball enthusiasts and collectors alike.

2. Babe Ruth (Classic Doubles 2-Pack) – $6,000

Known as one of the most legendary baseball players, Babe Ruth’s starting lineup figure from the Classic Doubles 2-Pack is highly coveted. This particular figure features Ruth in both his Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees uniforms, making it a unique addition to any collection.

3. Wayne Gretzky (1998 Edition) – $5,500

Hockey fans worldwide hold Wayne Gretzky in high regard, and collectors are willing to pay a hefty sum for his starting lineup figure from the 1998 edition. This figure showcases Gretzky in his iconic Edmonton Oilers uniform, capturing his dominance on the ice.

4. Joe Montana (1989 Edition) – $4,800

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Considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, Joe Montana’s starting lineup figure from the 1989 edition is highly sought after. This figure immortalizes Montana in his San Francisco 49ers uniform, capturing his poise and skill on the field.

5. Muhammad Ali (1997 Edition) – $4,200

Muhammad Ali’s starting lineup figure from the 1997 edition pays homage to the legendary boxer. This figure portrays Ali with his signature boxing pose, making it an essential addition for fans of the sport and collectors alike.

6. Tiger Woods (2001 Edition) – $3,800

Golf enthusiasts and collectors cherish Tiger Woods’ starting lineup figure from the 2001 edition. This figure captures Woods in his iconic red Sunday shirt, symbolizing his dominance and resilience on the golf course.

7. Derek Jeter (1999 Edition) – $3,500

Derek Jeter’s starting lineup figure from the 1999 edition is a prized possession among baseball collectors. This figure depicts Jeter in his classic New York Yankees pinstripes, showcasing his leadership and success in the sport.

8. Serena Williams (2003 Edition) – $3,200

Serena Williams’ starting lineup figure from the 2003 edition celebrates her remarkable tennis career. This figure captures Williams in full swing, showcasing her power and grace on the court.

Interesting Facts:

1. Starting lineup figures were first introduced in 1988 and gained immense popularity throughout the 1990s.

2. The prices of these figures can vary based on factors such as rarity, condition, and the athlete’s popularity.

3. Limited edition figures, such as those commemorating championship wins or iconic moments, tend to have higher values.

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4. Some figures come with additional accessories, such as equipment or trophies, further enhancing their appeal.

5. The starting lineup figure market has grown exponentially with the rise of online marketplaces and sports collectible conventions.

6. Figures featuring athletes who have retired or passed away tend to command higher prices due to their limited availability.

7. Collectors often seek figures in mint condition, with original packaging and minimal wear and tear.

8. The value of starting lineup figures can fluctuate over time, depending on market demand and the athlete’s continued relevance.

Common Questions:

1. How do I determine the authenticity of a starting lineup figure?

– Authentic figures should have official logos, accurate detailing, and proper packaging. Buying from reputable sellers is crucial.

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