What Camera Does Cole Bennett Use

Cole Bennett’s Camera of Choice: Unveiling the 2024 Edition


In the world of music videos, Cole Bennett has proven himself to be a visionary director with his unique style and creative approach. His ability to capture and showcase the essence of artists’ visions has earned him a prominent place in the industry. One aspect that greatly contributes to Bennett’s success is his choice of cameras. In this article, we will dive into the camera that Cole Bennett uses, shedding light on its features and revealing some interesting facts about his filmmaking process.

What Camera Does Cole Bennett Use?

Cole Bennett is known for using a range of cameras, but one particular model that he favors is the Sony Alpha a7S III. Released in 2020, this full-frame mirrorless camera has gained immense popularity among professional videographers and photographers alike. Here are six interesting facts about the camera:

1. Exceptional Low-Light Performance: The Sony Alpha a7S III is renowned for its remarkable low-light capabilities, allowing Bennett to capture clear and vibrant footage even in challenging lighting conditions. This feature gives his music videos a distinct aesthetic appeal.

2. High-Quality 4K Video Recording: With the ability to record 4K video at up to 120 frames per second, the camera enables Bennett to capture stunning slow-motion shots, adding depth and visual impact to his videos.

3. Advanced Autofocus System: The camera’s cutting-edge autofocus system ensures that Bennett can accurately track the movements of artists during energetic performances. This feature is crucial for capturing dynamic shots that effectively convey the energy of the music.

4. Versatile Lens Compatibility: Bennett utilizes a variety of lenses to achieve different effects and perspectives in his videos. The Sony Alpha a7S III’s E-mount lens system offers a wide range of lens options, enabling him to experiment with creative shots and achieve his desired visual style.

5. Dual Memory Card Slots: The camera boasts dual memory card slots, providing Bennett with ample storage space during extended shoots. This feature allows him to seamlessly capture footage without worrying about running out of storage.

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6. Improved Heat Dissipation: The Sony Alpha a7S III is designed to dissipate heat more effectively than its predecessors, ensuring that Bennett can shoot for extended periods without overheating issues. This feature is especially useful during long music video productions.

Common Questions about Cole Bennett’s Camera:

1. What other cameras does Cole Bennett use?
Cole Bennett has also been known to use the Red Digital Cinema cameras, specifically the Red Epic-W and Red Helium.

2. Does Cole Bennett use any additional equipment with his camera?
Yes, Bennett often employs stabilizers, such as gimbals, to capture smooth and steady shots, enhancing the visual quality of his videos.

3. How does the Sony Alpha a7S III compare to previous models?
The Sony Alpha a7S III offers significant improvements in low-light performance, autofocus capabilities, and heat dissipation compared to its predecessors, making it a preferred choice for professional videographers.

4. Does Bennett prefer shooting in natural light or artificial lighting?
While Bennett appreciates the creative possibilities of both natural and artificial lighting, he often combines elements of both to achieve his signature style.

5. What editing software does Cole Bennett use?
Bennett primarily uses Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, allowing him to refine and enhance the footage captured with his chosen camera.

6. How does Bennett achieve his visually distinctive effects?
In addition to his camera choice, Bennett employs various post-production techniques, including color grading and visual effects, to give his videos their unique and captivating look.

7. Does Bennett collaborate with other videographers for his music videos?
Yes, Bennett often collaborates with other talented videographers to bring his creative vision to life. These collaborations allow him to explore different styles and push the boundaries of his work.

8. Are there any specific shooting techniques Bennett uses to capture his signature style?
Bennett frequently incorporates dynamic camera movements, close-up shots, and unique angles to create an immersive and visually engaging experience for viewers.

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9. Has Bennett ever shared any behind-the-scenes footage of his music video shoots?
Yes, Bennett occasionally releases behind-the-scenes footage on his YouTube channel, providing fans with insights into his creative process and the equipment he uses.

10. Does Bennett prefer shooting on location or in a studio?
Bennett enjoys the versatility of both shooting on location and in a studio, as each offers unique opportunities for creative expression.

11. How does Bennett choose the artists he collaborates with?
Bennett is known for his keen eye for emerging talent. He often selects artists whose music resonates with him and aligns with his creative vision.

12. What is the typical duration of a music video shoot directed by Cole Bennett?
The duration of a music video shoot can vary depending on the complexity of the project. However, it is not uncommon for Bennett’s shoots to span several days to ensure every aspect is captured perfectly.

13. How has Bennett’s choice of camera evolved over the years?
Bennett’s camera choice has evolved alongside advancements in technology and his own growth as a director. He continually seeks cameras that offer superior performance and features to elevate his craft.

14. Are there any other unique aspects of Cole Bennett’s filmmaking process?
Cole Bennett is known for his spontaneous and improvisational approach to directing, often allowing room for creativity to flourish on set. This approach results in organic and authentic moments that shine through in his music videos.


Cole Bennett’s choice of camera plays a pivotal role in his ability to create visually stunning music videos. The Sony Alpha a7S III offers the necessary features and performance to capture the essence of his artistic vision. As Bennett continues to push the boundaries of music video direction, we can expect him to explore new technologies and cameras that further enhance his unique style.

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