Whats Wrong With Scott Zolaks Eye

Scott Zolak’s Eye: Unveiling the Mystery and 5 Intriguing Facts


Scott Zolak, the former NFL quarterback and current radio broadcaster, has captivated fans for many years with his unique and charismatic personality. However, one aspect that often sparks curiosity among fans and viewers is his eye condition. In this article, we will explore what’s wrong with Scott Zolak’s eye, uncover five interesting facts about his condition, and address some common questions regarding this topic.

What’s Wrong With Scott Zolak’s Eye?

1. Strabismus: Scott Zolak is affected by a condition called strabismus, commonly known as crossed or misaligned eyes. This condition causes his eyes to point in different directions, leading to a noticeable asymmetry.

2. Childhood Origin: Scott’s strabismus is believed to have originated during his childhood. While the exact cause remains unknown, it is typically a result of a muscular imbalance that affects eye coordination and movement.

3. Surgical Intervention: In an effort to correct his strabismus, Scott Zolak underwent eye surgery. However, despite the procedure’s intention to align his eyes, the results were not completely successful. As a result, his condition remains partially visible.

4. Personal Acceptance: Despite his eye condition being a subject of public curiosity, Scott Zolak has embraced his unique appearance. He often showcases his sense of humor and self-confidence while discussing his condition, making it a part of his public persona.

5. Inspiring Others: Scott’s journey with strabismus has inspired others who share the same condition. By openly discussing his experiences and embracing himself, he has become a role model for those who may struggle with self-image.

Common Questions about Scott Zolak’s Eye:

1. Does Scott Zolak have any vision problems related to his eye condition?
While Scott Zolak’s eye condition may affect his appearance, it does not significantly impact his vision. He has stated that he has no issues with his eyesight.

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2. Can strabismus be corrected with surgery?
Strabismus can be corrected through surgery in many cases. However, the success of the procedure depends on various factors, including the severity of the condition and the individual’s response to treatment.

3. How old is Scott Zolak?
Scott Zolak was born on December 13, 1967, which makes him currently 53 years old.

4. Is Scott Zolak married?
Yes, Scott Zolak is married to his wife, Amy Zolak. They have been together for several years and have a happy family life.

5. Has Scott Zolak ever discussed his eye condition publicly?
Yes, Scott Zolak has openly discussed his eye condition in various media interviews. He often uses humor to address the topic and has become an inspiration for others facing similar challenges.

6. Can strabismus develop later in life?
While most cases of strabismus develop during childhood, it is possible for this condition to occur later in life due to certain factors such as trauma or underlying medical conditions.

7. Does Scott Zolak’s eye condition impact his career as a broadcaster?
No, Scott Zolak’s eye condition does not hinder his ability to perform his duties as a radio broadcaster. He is highly regarded for his insightful analysis and engaging commentary.

8. Are there any health risks associated with strabismus?
In most cases, strabismus does not pose any significant health risks. However, if left untreated, it can potentially lead to vision problems, such as lazy eye (amblyopia).

9. Can strabismus be treated without surgery?
In some cases, strabismus can be managed with non-surgical interventions, such as eyeglasses, vision therapy, or eye exercises. However, the effectiveness of these treatments may vary depending on the individual and the severity of the condition.

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10. Does Scott Zolak wear any specialized eyewear to correct his condition?
No, Scott Zolak does not wear any specialized eyewear to correct his eye condition. He embraces his unique appearance without any external aids.

11. Can strabismus worsen over time?
Strabismus can worsen if left untreated. Regular eye examinations and timely intervention can help manage the condition and prevent further deterioration.

12. Does Scott Zolak’s eye condition affect his daily life activities?
Scott Zolak’s eye condition does not hinder his daily life activities. He leads a normal life and actively participates in his professional and personal endeavors.

13. Are there any alternative treatments for strabismus?
Aside from surgery and non-surgical interventions, alternative treatments such as acupuncture and vision therapy exercises have been explored, but their effectiveness is not yet scientifically proven.

14. Does Scott Zolak have any plans for further corrective procedures?
As of now, Scott Zolak has not publicly expressed any plans for further corrective procedures. He appears content with his current condition and continues to inspire others through his journey.


Scott Zolak’s eye condition, strabismus, has become an intriguing aspect of his public persona. While it may draw attention, Scott has confidently embraced his unique appearance, serving as a role model for others facing similar challenges. By shedding light on his experiences, we can better understand the condition and appreciate Scott Zolak’s resilience and inspiring personality.

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